The Japanese Grand Prix: F1 in Japan

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Fernando Alonso: F1 races ‘more emotional’ since announcing retirement

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W Series: All-female motor racing series offers potential F1 pathway

The “W Series,” which will launch in 2019, will pit up to 20 competitors in identical Formula 3 cars around some of Europe’s most famous race tracks. The series, supported by long-time F1 driver David Coulthard, will be free to enter and participation will be awarded solely on merit and performances during a “vigorous” selection […]

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Lewis Hamilton wants ‘more respect’ shown to Sebastian Vettel

Hamilton’s fourth straight victory at last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix left Ferrari’s Vettel 67 points adrift in the drivers’ standings. Vettel’s sixth-place finish at Suzuka, after fighting back from an early collision with Max Verstappen, led some observers to suggest he had “gift-wrapped” the title for Hamilton. But Mercedes’ Hamilton wrote on Instagram: “I feel […]

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Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes turn 2018 F1 season into victory procession

It had seemed Ferrari was poised to mount a charge in the second half of the season after Sebastian Vettel’s scintillating Belgian Grand Prix performance in August to close the gap to 17 points. But victories for Hamilton in back-to-back grands prix in Italy and Singapore — a combination of sublime driving and Ferrari errors […]

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Japanese GP: Lewis Hamilton wins at Suzuka

Race winner Lewis Hamilton had plenty to celebrate after claiming victory in the Japanese GP at Suzuka to lead the world championship by 67 points with four rounds remaining. Lewis Hamilton (no 44) overtook fellow Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas under team orders on his way to a decisive victory in the 2018 F1 title race […]

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Hamilton closing on F1 title at Japanese GP

AP Updated 5:29 AM EDT Oct 4, 2018 Lewis Hamilton has won five of the last six Formula One races. This week the series is in Suzuka, where Hamilton has won three of the last four Japanese Grand Prix. With five races to go, his fifth world championship is almost in the bag. “Lewis is […]

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F1: Pierre Gasly on ‘really, really scary’ debris hit at Russian Grand Prix

The carbon fragment bypassed the titanium ‘Halo’ device — introduced to F1 for the first time this season — which is built around the cockpit to protect drivers from small pieces of debris. The Halo has already proved its worth once this season, saving Suber’s Charles Leclerc from a potentially serious injury after Fernando Alonso’s […]

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